1€ Soli Essen — reclaim your life, because the Authority won’t help you

29. August ab 12:01 PM Opposite of Mensa Aasee

1 Euro Soli-Essen” which is the emergency social response during post corona pandemic and high inflation period organized by a student liberation kamp in collaboration with fikuS on Monday, August 29 at 12:01PM on the street of Bismacallee (opposite of Mensa Aasee).

During the post-pandemic and high inflation period, the majority of the residents in Germany are going through a financial crisis. Especially students are highly suffering from it and living below the poverty line. Food, accommodation, etc. all these basic rights we are forced to consume at high prices. The minimum wage hasn’t increased yet. The government failed to subsidize people’s basic needs.

So we decided to organize ourselves. We strongly believe that without authority we can survive by organizing our life together to take our own responsibility and support each other, but the authorities can’t survive without us as their livelihood depends on us.

1 Euro Soli-Essen” is a social movement organized by a group of students to stand for affordable food for everyone as basic rights, at the same time it’s a slap at authoritarian excuses who have failed to protect the basic rights of the residents. From September onwards we will try to organize it on a weekly basis.

Let’s join together for a communal lunch by donating 1 Euro for delicious healthy food in the open air with live music.

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